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UPVC windows, although they are designed to be long lasting and reliable, will of course eventually wear out over time. Many of UPVC windows currently on the market contain a variety of moving components such as springs, hinges, internal levers and so on. Of course, the time will come when these components will need repairing and thats where we can help.

Misted double glazed

In the trade we say that the double glazed sealed unit has 'broken down'. This means that the perimeter edge seal has lost it's integrity and that it is letting in moisture somewhere. Typically the moisture will be drawn in as the atmospheric pressure changes, and it will build up eventually condensing into water inside the sealed unit.

What you can do about it

The only answer is to replace the double glazed sealed unit with new ones. That almost always means little or no alteration or disruption to the framework if it is sound as the glass sealed unit is designed to be removable and replaceable.

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Misted & broken glass units

Velux window glass units

Locks, hinges, handles

Lock replacement

Extra security upgrades

Conservatory repairs

Replacement glazing

Replacement door panels

New energy saving glass

Noise reducing glass

Triple glazing

Fire escape hinges to windows

Child restriction hinges to windows


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